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Meramec Caverns
Meramec Caverns
Jesse James and I have something in common. We both like to hide in dark places! In the early 1870’s Jesse and his band used the Meramec Caverns on numerous occasions as a hideout for his horses and men. Take a guided trip and see these beautiful caverns of stalactites and stalagmites while you’re staying at the Stanton / Meramec KOA. *(An easy way to remember the difference between a stalactite and stalagmite: A stalactite holds “tight” to the ceiling, whereas a stalagmite, “might” reach the ceiling)

Six Flags St. Louis

If you want to hear me chirp like a school girl, come with me to Six Flags St. Louis! This is your roller coaster haven and they have a water park too. There are thrills and chills for young and old. Just be prepared for me to be one jump ahead of you in line!

Riverside Reptile & Wildlife Center

When I visit the Riverside Reptile & Wildlife Center, I stay far from the enclosures but the creatures here are fascinating! (I’m not fond of the way they look at me, which is why I keep a safe distance.) Various snakes such as the Burmese python, rattlesnakes, boas, cobras and various vipers including the deadly Gaboon viper, reside here. Perhaps my favorite resident is Leo the Lion, a non-reptile. Can you blame me?

Crickets are fine connoisseurs of all things sweet, and wines are no exception. Fortunately this area features some of the best wines and wineries in the country.

(The only time my eyes become uncrossed, is when I spend the day wine tasting.)

St. James Winery
Augusta Winery
Montelle Winery
Mt. Pleasant Winery
Peaceful Bend Vineyard

This is a small sample of what you can do and see in the area, we've put together a book of places of interest so you might as well plan on staying awhile at the Stanton / Meramec KOA!


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