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Float Trip Photo

Hi there, I'm Clarence the Crosseyed Cricket and I'd like to get the jump on welcoming you to the Crosseyed Cricket Canoe Company at the Stanton / Meramec KOA.

You may have hopped into a KOA park before, but I guarantee that the Stanton / Meramec KOA in Missouri isn't like any camp spot you've seen before. My cousin Cowboy the Cricket and I like to rent canoes or rafts for our float trip and serenade all the lovely lady crickets as we paddle down the Meramec River. Life jackets are included to keep your wings above the water line.

Nothing tastes better after a float on the river than some tasty BBQ at our own Cricket Café. It's true that crickets will eat anything, but that doesn't mean we don't have discerning taste buds. Sink your mandibles into Sample of RV Sites photoBBQ ribs, chicken, pizza or maybe some pulled pork cooked Texas style. Add some sweet and juicy corn on the cob and potato salad and your belly will be the happiest camper of them all! This delicious feast is available 7 days a week from April 1st through October 31st.

Squeaking of food, you're gonna need to get some supplies at our well-stocked grocery store. Kick around in the swimming pool. Jokes about crickets making the best bait don't get much of a chuckle around here. Might we recommend the worm? Fish dig ‘em.

Out of respect for our fellow campers at this family campground, when the 10 o'clock quiet time rolls around, we settle down around the campfire and are entertained by the local crickets and tree frogs. Quiet country evenings are sure enjoyable out here in Stanton!

Crickets may have ears on their knees, but we know a good deal when we hear one and camping at the the Crosseyed Cricket Canoe Company and the Stanton / Meramec KOA is definitely it!


I can't wait to meet your clan!

Hoppily yours,            


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